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  Hubei JinHuaJian Technology Co., LTD Registered in Xiangyang National Grade High-Tech Development Zone.It is the member of China Foundry Association, the member of Thermal power branch anti-wear professional committee of the CSEE(Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering).The company's main products include: High wear-resistant alloy materials、Heat-resisting alloy materials、anti-corrosion materials; MeanwhileIt is also undertake project construction and product installation project. The company has more than ninety sets main equipment, such as Resin sand casting、precision casting、the centrifugal casting、mould、machining、heat treatment, etc; and it has 116 staff, including 24 technical inspection people. The company has 5 manufacturing plant and a timber formwork group. The main production equipment include 20 tons resin sand casting regeneration system and 10 tons of 20 tons sand mixers, one set of 12 tons intermediate frequency electric stove, two sets of 5 tons intermediate frequency electric stove, two sets of 3.5 tons intermediate frequency electric stove, six sets Bogie-hearth heat treatment furnace and two sets 4.5M diameter bell type heat treatment furnace and shot peening treatment equipment, 5 meters、 4 meters、2.8 meters vertical lathe and a batch of CNC processing equipment、22 sets vertical mill online and off-line wear-resistant overlaying welding equipments, the production capacity of wear-resisting、heat-resistant material come to 10000 tons each year. The company has already undertaken wear-resisting, heat corrosion service work for more than two hundred power plant, mining plant, building material plant and cement plant.
  Owing to the new technology and the new process we used in material research & development as well as heat treatment , the wear-resistant performance of the wear-resistant parts has greatly improved, it is hardness can come to HRC62, and it has excellent impact resistance, and the service life is 15% higher than the import parts,meanwhile,the Performance Price Ratio is also higher than import parts, It is widely used in cement plant, power plant and steel plant, and gained great praise by multiple customers.
  Strong technical development strength is the source of company innovation. For the past several years, the company has developed a series of automatic surfacing equipment, self-help welding special-purpose machinery and hardfaced surfacing materials.

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